Congratulations & Welcome!

We are very excited to have you on board! First and foremost, we want you to get plugged into everything! You may have already been added, but just in case, make sure you join our Brand Partner FB Group.

Step #1

Know Your Website

This is the website you are going to send to your friends and family to order from. Your website is Simply enter in the name you created when you signed up!

Step #2

Log Into Your Back Office & Set Up Your Direct Deposit

We want you to get paid!
1. Log into your back office
2. Click on My Account
3. Go to Setup Direct Deposit
4. Click on Add Payout Method
5. Fill out bank information and save
Let your Enroller know if you have any questions!

Make sure to save the LOG IN LINK to your phone and/or computer for easy access.

Step #3

Be Consistent & Duplicatable

Build Your List
See if you can list 100 potential contacts between your overlapping social circles: family, friends, neighbors, health clubs, schools, sports, church, volunteering, office colleagues, social media contacts.

Contact & Invite
Reach out to everyone on your list & invite them to learn more about what we do.

Tell Your Story
Share your excitement for the products, the opportunity & be sure to share your personal story!

Get Them Started
Follow up, get them started as a Customer or Brand Partner, and support their goals!

Teach your Brand Partners to follow these same steps... and watch your team grow!

Step #4

Your 1st Goal - Earn over $1,000 in your first 60 days!!

Your Fast Start is a 60 day period from the day you sign up and you can earn some CASH MONEY!

Earn a $250 Cash Bonus!
Two Personally Enrolled Brand Partners
Generate 1,500 QV Team Volume*
Complete in your first 60 days

Earn a $750 Cash Bonus!
Six Total Personally Enrolled Brand Partners
Generate 5,000 QV Team Volume*
Complete in your first 60 days

* Accumulates throughout your first 60 days

Step #5

Start Sharing!

We definitely suggest getting a post up on social media right away to spark some curiosity. There are MANY different ways you can share about TréSkin:

Call/Text family friends
Have a fun skincare party at your house
Host a launch party on social media
Sampling & Share the Love

Example Post:
"I'm so excited about what I just ordered!!! I've always struggled with really bad redness around my nose area and acne. I never feel confident going out in public without make up. I heard about this new skincare line that has probiotics and the first ingredient listed isn't water, its medical grade organic aloe vera. I've seen some before and afters and I was blown away. I can't wait to share with you what I think! I have high hopes as I've heard nothing but good things about this line!"

Everyone wants the latest and greatest, make them want what you have. Don't overthink the post... Have fun with it! Make it your own and work with your sponsor if you are unsure what to write. We will help you! Don't forget to post with a picture of yourself! We want to see your face attached to that post!