Our Policies


You have the ability to use autoship for your future purchases. We give you the option of ordering every month, every other month, or every third month. Using autoship is a great way to order to make sure you never run out of product. If you want to cancel or change your scheduled autoship before it ships, we recommend doing so 24 hours before it is scheduled to process.

Product Delivery Policy
Our goal is to ensure that your product shipment arrives at your address within 5-7 days from date of your order. All orders are delivered by USPS (United States Postal Service) and a tracking number is provided for your convenience in an email upon shipment.

Product Refund & Return Policy
We want you to have 100% satisfaction with your product purchases. Should within 30 days of purchase, you desire to return or exchange your product(s), the following conditions must be met:

a) For a Return and Refund of Your Purchase
Product(s) must be returned to TréSkinRX, 4760 Fulton St East, Suite 104, Ada, MI 49301-9097. A credit will be applied to your credit card.

b) For an Exchange
Product(s) must be returned to TréSkinRX, 4760 Fulton St East, Suite 104, Ada, MI 49301-9097, along with a letter requesting the new product(s) for exchange. Upon receipt, we will credit/debit your credit card for the difference plus shipping.

Corporate Office
4760 Fulton St East / Suite 104
Ada, MI 49301-9097
630.389.0417 / www.treskinrx.com

Privacy Policy
Any personal information collected either on-line through the TréSkinRX website, or via an in-person transaction, shall be used by TréSkinRX to notify you of transaction related information and/or TréSkinRX related offers. TréSkinRX will not share or release information to any third party companies. TréSkinRX will email users upon order confirmation, as well as shipment confirmation. 

By the user ordering through the TréSkinRX website, they give their permission to receive emails, texts, and telephone broadcasts to receive promotional messages. They will also be able to opt out of these messages.

Online Data Security
When transacting business with TréSkinRX, it is important to know that your information is protected. Our data systems use an encrypted, third-party data security service to ensure your transactions remain secure. Server access to our corporate systems is restricted to network personnel only.

Terms of Sale
TréSkinRX offers its Customers and Brand Partners the opportunity to purchase products via our corporate website shopping cart. All products, product prices, shipping and taxes are shown before final approval by user. Also available is an autoship feature where products are delivered on a regular basis. Autoships must be set up and approved by the user.

All sales go directly through the TréSkinRX website by signing in with a username/password, or through each Brand Partner’s Replicated website.

Customer Service
Should you have questions related to our products or need assistance relating to the use of your products, you may call our customer service line at 630.389.0417. A service agent will contact you the same day or within one business day to discuss your personal questions.



How do I become a Brand Partner?
We make it easy to join! Just click on the Join Button, purchase the Enrollment Kit of your choice and begin your journey.

What kind of support does TréSkin provide?
TréSkin offers all the tools you’ll need to succeed. You’ll have your very own personal website on which to sign up customers and more Brand Partners. Awesome business tools, such as samples, brochures and marketing materials, are available to you, as are product and opportunity videos. We want you need to succeed!

How can I share TréSkin products with others?
Get the word out! Explore having face-to-face conversations, sharing content on social media, streaming live videos on Facebook Live and attending vendor events. You can even plan a social event and share the products with your hostess and guests. You also can utilize your amazing TréSkin website to help you earn income.

When can I expect my commissions?
Your commissions and bonuses are deposited directly into your SkyWallet account on a monthly basis. When commissions are in your SkyWallet, you can use them to purchase products or transfer them into a personal bank account.