Curiosity / Attraction Marketing

Create a sense of mystery about your opportunity & products, while sharing a story!

The goal of Attraction Marketing is to get people to ask you for more information. You want them to be curious about what you’re posting. It’s as simple as that! 

On social media, most people make the mistake of posting constant pictures of their product, while including the name. This makes their post sound like an infomercial… and nobody likes those! You don’t want someone to check out your profile and only see sales ads.

Remember, you must be strategic in every single thing you do. Every post, share and comment should show value and serve a purpose. Share a story!

The Facebook Algorithm & Daily IPA

The Facebook algorithm prioritizes content created by your friends, over content created by businesses, with a very large focus on “meaningful interactions.” The more you comment, share, like and create meaningful interaction with your friends on THEIR posts, the more they will start to see content that YOU post. The key is to do this daily, to help raise your engagement! Also, it is important to note that commenting “lol” on a post does not qualify as “meaningful interaction.” 😉

Daily Income Producing Activities (IPAs) are one of the best ways to create meaningful interactions. Below is what one day of meaningful interaction on Facebook might look like for you:

  • 1-3 Personal Posts
  • 1 Product/Business Driven Post 
  • Happy Birthday Messages 
  • Like & Comment with 15 Non-TréSkin Friends 
  • Follow-Up with 5 People 
  • Utilize Your FB/IG Stories 
  • Touch Base with Someone on Your Team

Have fun with your IPAs, be sure to switch them up daily, and encourage all of your team members to do them as well! Shout out to Kristin for the above IPA example!

In Duplicating Your Business with ATM, we taught you the “80/20 Rule.” Now, let’s go deeper into the curiosity post. Try to strike a balance between an engaged conversation & selling. Below are 5 great examples of curiosity generating posts:

#1 Business Posts

  • A photo from a TréSkin event (without logos/branding)
  • Recognition of your accomplishments
  • Congratulating your team member on their success
  • A photo of you with your team, or leaders of TréSkin

Example: “A big shout-out to [Brand Partner Name + Tag] for hitting Gold Rank! You are rocking this business & I am so excited to watch your continued success!”

#2 Have a Contest or Giveaway

Everyone loves free gifts and having a contest or giveaway is a fun way to bring attention to your business! Below are some great ways to share your contest/giveaway:

  • Pick a lucky person by random to win a free product from sharing your post. Keep your contest going for a week and then award the prize. Make a big deal about it!
  • Encourage your friends to add a funny caption to your post, to enter them into a drawing for “best comment”
  • Create a Facebook poll & ask viewers to choose their favorite product. The product with the most votes could be awarded to a random voter!

#3 Tell Stories

People love hearing success stories! Share your story or even someone else’s.

For example: Maybe a friend/Brand Partner/Customer has had some struggles and a simple ingredient/product changed their life. Your friends will want to ask what it is.

You can also post before & after photos. If you are uncomfortable taking a before and after, feel free to check out our ever-growing library of undeniable results!

#4 Educational Posts

People love being educated, especially when it comes to skin care or body health. Bring genuine value to your friends and they will put trust in what you have to say. Make an interactive video sharing your 3 best tips on achieving glowing skin. Or, you could even create a video that explains how PEAK works to give you cleaner energy. Close your educational post with “If you want to know my recommendation or want to know what I use, send me a private message. I would love to share it with you!”

Don’t forget… this TréSkin University is full of GREAT information regarding all of our products & opportunity. Be sure to check it out, in detail.

#5 Do a Direct Promotion Once a Week

Once a week, show up and dazzle everyone with a direct promotion of your product or business. Remember, never say the name of a product or company. You don’t want to encourage people to look up your products or opportunity for themselves. You want to provoke a conversation.

Here’s an example of a great post:

  1. Take a picture of a product with the name hidden.
  2. In the post description, write something something like “Bye-bye wrinkles! After only two uses, the wrinkles around my eyes are starting to disappear! If you’ve seen me lately, you know what I’m talking about!”

That’s a simple post and it works incredibly well. If you don’t see instant results with your curiosity posts, the solution is clear: consistency! Nothing will happen right away. It takes time, but the results are so worth waiting for. Trust us!

For more posting ideas, click here.

Compliance Reminder

IMPORTANT: We love the excitement everyone has for the TréSkin skin care & supplement line, including our new product Peak Performance. Please be aware, each product must be promoted based on the product label. It is very important that NO MEDICAL CLAIMS OR DIAGNOSES (heals, helps and/or cures diseases/medical conditions of any kind, etc.) or directions are shared by TréSkin Brand Partners, per our Independent Brand Partner Agreement. This is extremely important.

Good Example: “PEAK Performance has made me feel more energized.”

Bad Example: “PEAK Performance has cured my anxiety & I no longer need my medication.”

Below is a beautiful example of curiosity marketing, taken by our Brand Partner, Kaitlyn!

Another beautiful example of curiosity marketing, taken by our Brand Partner, Emily!

Whether your goal is to pay off debt, help pay those pesky bills or to be your own boss with the freedom to spend your days as you choose, the TréSkin Opportunity will help you achieve it!

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