Duplicating Your Business (ATM)

Build your business & unleash the power of Facebook Groups!

There’s a powerful strategy available to help you build your business on Facebook. It’s called ATM! It’s so simple, you’re going to want to start working this strategy today.

ATM is a great tool to help encourage your interested prospects, friends and network to come take a look at the TréSkin opportunity/product line, and consider joining your team or becoming a new customer.

Your goal is to ADD people that express interest in your business opportunity and/or products to the closed Facebook Groups that we have set up for you (click buttons to the right to join.) Then, you will simply TAG them in the pinned video and other content you feel they will find value in. This video will quickly explain our opportunity and/or the benefits of our skin care & supplements. Finally, you will send them a MESSAGE as a followup. You will definitely want to implement this in growing your business and to teach your team to do the same. This business is all about duplicating your efforts, team & customer-base.

It all starts with Attraction Marketing!

You want people to come to you, and that’s where all the magic happens.

If you can attract someone who wants to know more about your opportunity and products, you have a better chance of making a sale. People do business with people they like and trust, and you will create great relationships by posting quality content with high value. The more value you bring, the more it will help to build a sense of trust. Learn more about Curiosity / Attraction Marketing here.

The 80/20 Rule

Keep a good balance in the different types of content you create.

Use this as a reminder when posting on your favorite social networks: 80% personal / 20% business

Before we learn the simple ATM system, let’s get an idea of what the 80/20 rule could look like:

  1. A great rule of thumb is to post often, 14-15 times a week. You may think that is a lot, but you want to grow your business and network.
  2. You should share approximately 9-10 personal posts. For example: a recent vacation, family, inspirational posts or personal pictures you love.
  3. You should also share 4-5 posts to generate curiosity around your business. Want some inspiration? Check out these post ideas!

Also, the key is to share 1-2 posts that directly relate to a product… but the key is to leave out the name! That’s right! Do not mention TréSkin or the name of the product. You want people to ask, “what is it?” Post in the morning and in the afternoon, and if you want to add more posts, be sure to add those to your Story. Facebook Stories are seen by more people, but are only visible for a short while.

Because your posts do not scream “Sale! Sale! Sale!“, people will become curious and show interest in what you are promoting. Once they do, you will want to ADD them to our closed group. Once they have been added, you will TAG them in the pinned post.

How do these special closed groups work?

It’s easy, fun & effective!

If someone sees your post and is interested in learning more, they will most likely comment. The next step is to reply back and tell them you will send them a private message. Be sure to let them know to check their Facebook Messenger inbox. You could write something like:

“Thanks for asking. I’d love to share. How about if I add you to my community and I’ll tag you in a video. The video shares more about what I do. I love it, I’m having so much fun and I think you will love it too.”

Be sure to make it your own!

Next, you will need to ADD them to the group. Once approved, TAG them on the company video/content and simply send them a message saying:

“I tagged you in the video I told you about. You’ll probably have questions, so let’s talk tomorrow.”

Now, the Fortune is in the Followup!

Within 12-24 hours, you need to reach out and follow up with them with a MESSAGE.

They should definitely have questions. If you are new, you may not know what to say, or how to answer all of their questions. This is where your support team comes into play. You could say:

“I would love to answer all of your questions, but I am new myself and I want to make sure the answers are correct, do you mind if I ask my friend (name here) to come on the phone with us? She knows way more than I do.”

3-Way calls work great and you should take advantage of them!

If you work this special strategy every day, you are going to become an expert at sharing your business and products with others. Focus on your business and do it daily. Before you know it, success will be coming your way and you will be reaping the long-term benefits.

An Invitation to Join!

IMPORTANT: The image below is a link to the TréSkin Official Corporate ATM group. Our culture is built on integrity and honoring the efforts of all Brand Partners. Therefore, any person who invites & approves another to the group is the contact for the invitee, and everyone is required to support this policy/procedure. Any & all violators will be removed. 

Click below to join!

Whether your goal is to pay off debt, help pay those pesky bills or to be your own boss with the freedom to spend your days as you choose, the TréSkin Opportunity will help you achieve it!

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