How You Earn Money

Our new Rewards Plan gives you the opportunity to earn up to 50% in commissions!

Earning money or commissions is easy and so rewarding. As a Brand Partner you earn up to 30% from all your customer orders.  as well as your Brand Partner orders.  You earn the same commission whether they are a customer or a Brand Partner. When your active Brand Partners start to build their business, you also earn up to 20% from all of their customer orders. This gives you incredible earning potential.  So, how do you earn these amazing rewards?  Have a conversation with a friend face-to-face, attend a vendor event and share the products and opportunity with a lot of people, or have a social event sharing with all your hosts friends. The more you share, the more you earn as more and more people will become your customers, or even join you in the opportunity.

Getting Paid

All commissions are paid monthly to Brand Partners through our Skywallet program. From this account you can transfer money to your personal checking or savings account, and if you choose, you can even purchase products through your Skywallet.

Personal Website

Having your own website makes it easy to promote your business. When you talk with your family and friends, or potential new customers, being able to send them to your website is awesome.  When your customer places an order,  they are tracked through your website. When a new Brand Partner joins your team, they are also tracked through your website. The key to growing your business is to share your website with everyone you meet, and to all your social networks.