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The CORE 4 Collection

NOTE: This page is not intended to be shared with customers. It is an information page to show & inspire you on effective ways to share the CORE 4.

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"Hello! My name is Kristin and I have been having great success building my businesses with The CORE 4 Collection. Check out the video to learn what has been working for me!"

~ Kristin Greco

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Utilize social media, text, email, virtual and/or in-person parties, etc. to share your results & build your TréSkin Business. Don't forget to keep it personal... because stories sell!

Be a Product of the Product

Follow the process, step by step & use the products consistently... every single day! It is super affordable & easy to use.

Track Your Transformation

Track your personal progress with before & after photos. Be sure the lighting, background & angles are the same for each photo you take.

Share YOUR Story!

As you share your experience & results, people will want to know exactly what you are doing... and this is the best way to show them!

Before & After Gallery

Check out these results. You can share the images below, but you also want to share YOUR story!

Postable Content Ideas

Follow My Journey ~ The 4 Post System

We want you to bring people along this FUN journey with you! Trust us when we say… Facts tell and STORIES SELL! Share your story with TréSkin! We want you to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait to get your product to start sharing. You can start right NOW!
We have a 4 Post System you can use:
  1. Within 24 hrs of order: I can’t wait to try this new skincare!
  2. The Day it comesIt’s here!
  3. The day after you use itMy first impression!
  4. The next dayBefore and After
Let’s work our way through each one! Click below to get started.
We all know how exciting it is to order something new. So exciting you stalk your mailman, right? We want to show that excitement with your friends! Have them be just as excited as you! This is a post you should do within your first 24 hrs of ordering. Again, this is all about bringing people along with you on this fun journey!

We want you to remember WHAT / WHY / WHEN

Share WHAT skin problems you are currently struggling with, or what you want to improve. This makes your post relatable to those who may be struggling with the same thing.
Example: I’ve always struggled with bad acne and now fine lines and wrinkles are starting to settle in.

Share WHY you chose TréSkin
Example: I’ve looked and tried so many skincare regimens but never found one where the #1 ingredient is Organic Medical Grade Aloe Vera. Most have just been water.

Lastly share you’re WHEN
Example: Let them know you can’t wait to share what you think WHEN your stuff comes in!

Example Post:
I’m so excited about what I just ordered!!! I’ve always struggled with really bad redness around my nose area and acne. I never feel confident going out in public without make up. I heard about this new skincare line that has probiotics and the first ingredient listed isn’t water, its medical grade organic aloe vera. I’ve seen some before and afters and I was blown away. I can’t wait to share with you what I think! I have high hopes as I’ve heard nothing but good things about this line!

This creates CURIOSITY… This creates EXCITEMENT… and this creates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Everyone wants the latest and greatest, make them want what you have. Don’t overthink the post… Have fun with it! Make it your own and work with your sponsor if you are unsure what to write.

Don’t forget to post with a picture of yourself! We want to see your face attached to that post!
Your kit came in! WhooHoo! Time to share with the world what you got!

Everyone loves a good “Unboxing.” There are a couple ways you can do this:
    • Facebook Live: This is the most effective way to share about the skincare. Go live on Facebook/Instagram and open your box with your friends. Show them what you go! Show them the packaging. Open something up and tell them how good it smells etc.
    • Take a selfie with your box: Putting yourself in front of the camera, showing your friends your face is always effective. They want to see you!
    • Take a picture of the products: Set the products up and take a nice picture.

Example Post:
It’s here! It’s here! If you saw my post a couple days ago I mentioned about ordering a new skincare product that people are raving about! I struggle with terrible redness and acne and the results people are seeing with this skincare is amazing. Stay tuned! I’ll let you know what I think!

Again, you are bringing people along with you on your journey. You are keeping them excited with you, and they are going to be curious!
Time to share what you think of the skincare. The more descriptive you can be the better!
  • How does it smell?
  • How did it feel on your skin?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your skin?
  • Does your skin have a glow?
  • How does your skin feel?

Example Post:
So I’ve used this new skincare for 2 days now and I’m OBSESSED! It smells so good! Nice and clean. I definitely can tell my skin is soaking up all the goodness! If it feels and looks this good just after a couple days, I can’t wait to see what a couple weeks will do! If you’re looking for a good skincare regimen that doesn’t break the bank, I highly recommend this stuff!

Again, post with a selfie of yourself, or holding one of the products. Using your own pictures makes it more relatable and real to people.
It’s one thing for your friends to see what you think of the products, but it’s another to get outside validation. Before and Afters are BIG SELLERS! We have an entire collection of Before and After pictures in our TréSkin Experience group under ALBUMS.

We highly suggest you try and snag a photo from there and share the story behind it (if possible):
  • What they used
  • How long they used it
  • What they were struggling with

Example post:
I am blown away by Julie’s results! She used the Super 6 Collection and this is how different her skin IMPROVED just after 5 days!
Her skin tone evened out and her fine lines are disappearing! This stuff is the real deal!

Remember to get people in our ATM Group/System if and when they ask about these products!

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